About me

What i do

Hi, I am Ismail Idrees

I specialize in designing  and building dynamic and beautiful websites. I also provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for websites to improve their google ranking. I am a Frontend developer, Entrepreneur, Crypto trader and overall thinker. Check out my portfolio page to see some of my works.

How do you work Idrees?

My work pattern

I follow specific steps  and patterns when I’m working on a project. This way I can keep everything organized and it helps to keep work delivery on schedule, it also creates moments to talk about the project with my clients. 


Reocurring questions i get


I often get asked the same questions, I've put the most common in this section

You. I don’t own anything of the website. If you want I can give you full admin rights, so you can even delete me as you want. You pay for the website, so it’s your property.

The only thing that I want is to put the website in my portfolio if I want to. 

As little as a week might be enough for a simple landing page but other websites can take between two weeks to over a month, it all depends on how large and complex the website is.

A designer, A developer and a SEO person are all different personnel, even though a single person can have the three skills at once, each skill is different and each one would be charged for separately

Price charged per website will be determined by the size and functionality of the website.


I’ll love to work with you

Welcome, Come build with me