My works

A collection of some of the websites i have created

This is an e-commerce website built for House of Jukay, a perfume business that deals in the sales of designer perfumes. Online payment is enabled on this website for easy payment by customers

A crypto signal website built for DIY Crystal Hub. The website has a membership dashboard and crypto payment integration is enabled on this site which subscribers use to pay for the signals.

An e-commerce website built for a Perfume and Body mist store with amazing product catalog and single product page, online payment with Paystack is enabled on this website.

A tutorial website built for Jukay Academy. Students can easily sign-up and purchase the courses and study at their own pace with their personalized dashboard

A real estate website built for Bop Homes in Wales with basic search, advanced search and Map search options.

Worked on this landing page for AnonySafeApp. A security alert app.

This website was built for Getitasuwant, a beauty salon that deals in make-ups, nail art and skincare. An appointment can be booked right there on the site and u get a reminder text to remind u of your appointment few hours to your appointment date. Online payment is also to be infused into the website as soon as the owner is ready for that.

This is a coming soon page built for Base Apparel, an online fashion store. It has email subscription feature and will only accept a valid email for submission.


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